Free RSS Aggregation

12 Jul 2020

One of the downsides to the great Reeder app is syncing feeds between Desktop and Mobile. Many services offer this, but they are almost all paid services.

The free option is to use Feedly. However, with the free tier of Feedly, you are limited to 100 sources and 3 feeds. For normal use, this is more than adequate, but something is limiting about there being a limit at all…

This is where Tiny Tiny RSS comes in. It is a free and open-source feed reader and aggregator. When combined with the Fever API plugin, it can be used as a free hosted source of content for Reeder.

To make this truly free by not paying for hosting, I am running it on an f1-micro instance in Google Cloud, part of the free tier. It is a very small instance size, but you don’t need something powerful to just serve up text.