Heroku - magic easy deployment

19 Sep 2010

Ever wanted to easy test your shiny new Rails app on a real web server? Well there’s a really simple way - Heroku

If you’re using Git for your source control (which you should be if you aren’t) then deploying your app to the internet couldn’t be any easier. The first step is to sign up for an account over at http://heroku.com/

The next step is to get the Heroku gem, easily done with :

gem install heroku

Note: you may or may not have to use sudo

Next you need to tell Heroku your ssh public key (if you don’t have one, Google it, it’s simple to get one) in order to verify your identity, this is done like so:

heroku keys:add

You’ll have to login with your username and password, but once it’s done, the rest is simple

In order to deploy run the following commands inside your apps directory :

heroku create
git push heroku master

That’s it! All done. Admire your work by opening your app in the browser :

heroku open