23 Nov 2010

Progress on RefuCate is coming along nicely, with our first submission a mere 2 weeks away, it’s all starting to come together now. Although we all have University deadlines and commitments to adhere to, our Functional Specification is nearing completion and i’m confident that it’s going to be great and give us the base we need to build an amazing solution!

The key challenge for us at this stage is to make sure we incorporate all the functionality we need whilst not overdoing it, how many products have you seen that have had too many features? Solving this problem is no trivial task, we want to make sure enough information is collected so that people can be identified and reunited. On the other hand, there are time constraints, legal issues, performance and other issues which prevent us from taking a ‘bottomless pit’ approach. Getting the balance right with the right amount of information and features is going to be crucial to our success. Remember, we’re not building a database - we’re connecting people.