Road to the Imagine Cup: Update

11 Dec 2010

Roughly 3 months ago I blogged about the creation of our Imagine Cup team; Inspiratech. We’ve come along way since those lovely, warm and well lit days of autumn as we find ourselves on the relaxing side of the First Round submission. For practically the first time in student history a project was completed on time, 2 days in advance in fact.

So what are Inspiratech up to now you ask? Well, we’re eagerly awaiting the results for this first round, mentioned on the ukic10 website as the 12th December (which is tomorrow as I write this!), whilst enjoying a little down time as we prepare to start more coding work, as for the Second Round deadline we’ll need to create a video walkthrough of RefuCate so far. This is of course, if we make it through.

Stay tuned for more updates soonish, hopefully with the results of our First Round submission!