Road to the Imagine Cup

9 Sep 2010

Each year Microsoft runs a competition called the Imagine Cup, the world’s largest student technology competition. Thousands of students around the world participate in the competition each year and it produces some truly amazing projects aimed at solving some of the worlds toughest problems. Because of this I am thrilled to be part of a team for this year’s competition.

The team: Inspiratech

Inspiratech consists of myself, Ian Field and Josh Homerston. We’re planning an ambitious and very exciting project with the aim of helping charities use technology to solve some very tough challenges. We’re an extremely passionate group of people and although we don’t even have a logo yet and are only in the basic planning stages, our project is already looking really good. Some of the technology we are planning to use is cutting edge (and not fully released either!) and out of this world, making it much easier to imagine a world where technology solves the world’s toughest problems.

It’s going to be an extremely fun and rewarding road, hopefully ending at the world finals in July. I look forward to talking more about our project and my experiences in the future!