Ruby Koans

23 Sep 2010

I’m trying out one of the more impressive ways to learn a new language - Ruby Koans

The basic idea is to learn a language by doing, not by reading or blindly following tutorials. You follow a “path of enlightenment” adding bits of code in order to progress to the next little test. One of the advantages of this method is that there are no large chunks of text to read, you learn everything you need to by doing it yourself, a far more rewarding and permanent way of learning.

Not only do you learn how to code in Ruby, you also learn the culture, TDD and some library features and of course, a little bit of humour. All this adds up to a really fun and worthwhile way to learn Ruby.

If you’re interested in learning Ruby then I really do recommend Koans, it’s easy to setup (if you have Ruby installed it’s as simple as ‘ruby path_to_enlightenment.rb’) and definitely far better than a simple tutorial.