31 Aug 2010

One of the highlights of Node Knockout (which by the way, had some really amazing entries - and there’s still time to vote) is Swarmation. Essentially, you are a pixel and along with other pixels you have to get into different patterns in order to score points. But here’s the twist - the other pixels aren’t computer controlled, they’re real people.

There’s no communication at all, meaning a successful pattern really does feel like an achievement. In one game a fellow pixel got trapped inside a box we were making meaning someone had to move out of the way to let him out - risking his spot in the successful formation.

Points of course, are the main point of the game, harder patterns reward more points, and have more generous time limits to complete them.

Swarmation really is a fun game to play and you quickly find yourself screaming at little pixels to move out the way in order for you to receive your points. It’s not perfect, there are some issues with detecting some patterns but I really recommend you try it - just don’t get too addicted like me.